we are Native Travel Chile

Connecting travelers with communities of native people

Our grandparents taught us that everything around us has a cycle and that is why we are convinced that a travel experience has to be reciprocal: that it is an unforgettable experience for the traveler and at the same time contributes to the development of local communities and families.

our programs

Our programs are focused on teaching the respect and care of the environment seen from the world view of the native people.


Our trips give you the opportunity to know different forms and expressions of life since the same people from the communities show you their worldview, their environment and their daily life.


Our adventure tours in small groups invite you to connect with unique places that only local guides can take you to discover.


Know where Lonquimay is located a place of living culture, surrounded by lakes, volcanoes and millenary araucarias.


We believe that alliances that think and act with the same purpose are key to contribute to a real and sustainable development of local communities.

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